Using Google search operators: A great way to content analysis of competitors

google search operators
  • It is a key matter for any search engine practitioner especially who is doing digital marketing activities such as SEO, content marketing or social media marketing must consider that he should able to have a sound knowledge about how to use Search operators and search engine queries syntax to find out different form of information related to own website and competitive analysis. Using the search operators can help in a great deal to find out following things about your own website and your competitor while doing a competitor analysis.
  • 1.     It helps to find out the indexed pages of your and competitor’s website. The query is
  • { for example for Google website indexed pages}  If you want to find a particular restrict results you might use this query {Sergey Brin search engine }
  • 2.     By using this query you will able to find when google crawler/indexer index your website and cached your website content and data
  • 3.     Using a restrict/limited results the query for example shoes , This query will show .net extension  shoes websites only.
  • 4.     Is you are searching for backlinks or or related indexed pages you can use the following queries, but remember they are very restricted results , google usually hide these as their policy. Link:www.360head and link:360head –site:www.360head , You can also use this query in Yahoo search engine to findout the backlinks.
  • 5.     If you are looking for your website competitors or related websites use this query related:www.360head Here are the details of this query also in old webmaster tools defined in detail. Webmaster tools data appearance
  • 6.     You can also search a particular kind of file or document by using restricted keywords such as .doc, .pdf, .ppt etc. for example searching SEO related PPT files.

Understanding the google results pages by using these search queries is also an important aspect to know how Google works and other search engines when you write these detail kind of search queries and what are their benefits and interpretations of these search engine results pages.

How to use Google search operators or search queries syntax

The simple way is to use these search queries syntax, open the search engine for example in the following screenshot and in search bar you write the desired search query for example search query , the alternative and detailed way is you to use the advanced search form where your fill the form but it is normally not used by most of internet users because it is very time consuming and difficult method.

Here is the detail of search queries syntax which you can use in various type of search activities. The each query description is described in details what it search for, following table are with a short description of these search operators.

Advanced Search Syntax and features Search Operators/Query Syntax
Search restrict by File format filetype:
The number of resultant pages with the occurrences of title tag of the page allintitle:
The number of the occurrences by anchor text links to the pages allinanchor:
The number of the text in paragraph occurrences of the page allintext:
Occurrences in the pages/URLS of the pages allinurl:
Search by domain, indexing of the website Site:
Backlinks of the website (restricted) Link:
Related or similar links Related:

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