How to protect your Blog Search Engine Ranking

Many ways are used to protect your blog from getting piracy, but it is not cost free and most of the time letting them steal will helps you in the long run.

The first method you can use for protection is filling the DCM with the Google and also with other search engines. May be the host of the site is also scraping your contents, but I will be tough if actually it is happening again and again and seems to be not a good strategy.

To avoid this there is a good and easiest method of protecting copyrights is to add partial feeds in the site instead of whole RSS.   The advantage of using this is that the RSS scraper may be steal the content but they will not get the enough information and it also don’t have any effect on the ranking of your site because they don’t have enough content to steal.

Another way is to use content theft as an SEO & link building strategy. If you add the reference to your old blog post to your new post by using the absolute links, then this means that scraper site will provide free links to your contents. This will give you the help in increase the ranking according to the relevant keywords. And you can also build your audience and the authority over your own content. Moreover if you are using RSS footer extension then you should mix up our anchor text and footer seldom to avoid if someone has trained their bot to strip it out and also it will help to keep the anchor text a bit natural.

These days copyright is becoming irrelevant and no one care about it, and also normal people and unknown and don’t have awareness of it. Unfamiliarity of this is becoming a major risk for the bloggers. But if you really push then you can get the credit for all of your contents. In the next coming years if the issue of these stealing remains then the major search engine may launch a copyright tool. This will help us to register our contents to this tool before publishing it to the site, so that they know its source.

At the safer side the blogger should be very careful while posting their contents on the website because there are many snatchers in the market who stole your contents, your hard work and your efforts and take all the credit. So you should apply the above techniques which will helps you adding the contents safely and you don’t have to worry about any stealing and copying the contents.

GUEST Blogging Search Engine Ranking Strategy

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