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1. How does Google identify if one website or blog is a sponsored blog vs visitor/guest blog? We simply make guest blogs, since we don’t wish for to buy links, but a lot of blogs these days ask for money.

Sponsored or paid blogs are similar to advertorials in magazines and should be tagged as such. If an important person received payment for their review/content, this should be disclosed and, according to Google, all outbound links to the acquire domain should be no followed or have no follow links. By judgment, a guest post doesn’t comprise compensation; it should be stand on the merits and significance of the content as well as the relevancy, an association with the guest poster, or some other quality factor (qualitative) (versus economic factor. In other words, it’s vital that you fully know Google Webmaster Guidelines when submitting content all the way through sponsored or guest posts.

2. What do you believe regarding sponsored blogs (sponsored links) vs guest blogs (voluntary links)? Does Google penalize you for “buying links”?

Yes. Google will may penalize sites that are wedged selling and buying links, sponsored links such as link baits, or paid links agencies/service providers. Manual action usually happens when it’s done on a considerable scale. Of path, Matt Cutts posted the following today also expressed, which might help obvious up some bewilderment about punishment by association (hat tip to Barry over at SERoundtable for distribution this):

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