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BLACK HAT SEO Practices : What are the Answers

We need to understand Social Networking and Social Media in order to fully leverage the potential of Internet Marketing. Every day more and more people are embracing the benefits advanced technology like smart phones, text messaging or SMS, tablet PCs, Social Networks and on and on. We are witnessing a revolution in Human communications that touches every aspect of our lives weather we realize it or not. From language and the way we talk to the words we use to communicate with each other all the way down to our very thought process it self… The Internet has brought the people of the world together, opened up our minds and changed our very society in ways few could have imagined.

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Search engine optimization FAQs

You have two options. Either you accept the uncertainty which change presents us or you can give in to the fear of change and pretend nothing is going on, that this whole thing is stupid Search Engine Optimization FAQ? How about Some Real Answers.

You think the dinosaurs worried about extinction? No? So then let’s just get on with this shall we? First of all, Google leads the pack. Some times it’s the blind leading the blind, but almost everyone follows the leader regardless of where they are going. And Google is smart enough to not to be afraid of making mistakes. Search Engine Optimization FAQ? How about Some Real Answers Google+ is an example. A failure, right? But if you believe in your self you get back up and try again and again until you get it right! That’s right… It looks like Google figured it out. Goole+ is on the top of our Web 2.0 – all around cool – jack of all trades – can’t live without – social thing a ma gig what ever you want to call it – services!


Then since we are talking about business, Linkedin is a natural runner up at number two. search engine optimization faq


And falling fast but still so far ahead it’s hard to imagine them anywhere but the top is Facebook with 100′s of millions of, well… people I guess.

And out of nowhere and still completely unknown by many is Pintrest. What ever that may be, right?

Hmm, then what, or who, or what ever…

YouTube, Delicious, Flickr, Vimeo, Myspace…

Oh hell I don;t know. The also rans. Tons of them and all with their little clicks of clackers. But I think we should stop here and change gears so to speak.  Instead of looking at Web 2.0 social dingbats and whtch-a-ma-jigs, we should take a moment at consider protocols. I mean like RSS, XML/RCP and ping, search engine optimization faq Even Bittorent, the last p2p survivor. and shit, what about email and ftp?

Ok, enough is enough. back to the real world. So these Web 2.0 sites and services are important to us for real communications, networking and just plain doing what they do. Go down the list and check them out but don’t get lost just yet. If you are like me and some of my friends, you’ll start wondering if there is more to what we are looking at than we see at first glance.  And you fiendishly evil ones might just want to blow past these Web 2.0 tarts and jump down to the bottom of the list and see if anyone else has noticed how naive and, well what do they say about a fool and his money,? they are easily parted!


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search engine optimization faq So these tech wienies nerds are so excited about their latest social farm games tweeting, liking, following and drinking their expensive energy drinks, they forgot there are hackers and spammers and blackhat seo freaks  peeking over their shoulders with much grander goals and flexible self serving ethics even worse!

We think we are pretty smart as humans, but does a sheep forget it’s a sheep and start hanging out with a pack of wolves? search engine optimization faq I think not! So how smart are these people? Not very! And what is a wolf to do? acquire manners by osmosis and chew with his mouth shut? I think it’s time to chow down!

Oh, you know what? I may have gotten sidetracked here. I was talking about how to realize Web 2.0 and Social technology are important if we want to take full advantage of the potential the Internet presents us for marketing . But no… search engine optimization faq we just took the long way to get to where I wanted to go.

So remember I said we have two choices here? we can embrace change and let it carry us towards where we will end up sooner ot later any way, or we can deny the obvious and pretend there is nothing going on. I mean that is what it means to be a good citizen right?

The president is not a crook, terrorists are our enemy, trillions of dollars disappeared from the word economy and the leader of the free world had nothing to do with it what so ever and Google really cares about the quality of the human digital experience more that it cares about it’s profit margin and it’s earnings per share ratio!

So communist Russia figured if it could bot beat the West in a fair or unfair fight, maybe it could stomp us into the ground with advanced computer technology. What? No? search engine optimization faq Oh well, maybe we can hack their systems and beat them that way!  And so we are grateful to Russia for raising the hackers bar higher than anyone expected! search engine optimization faq So who really calls the shots on the Internet? Not us!
Ever heard of a botnet? How about a DOS attack? Maybe Death By Catchpa? Or Xrumer? search engine optimization faq

Now back to taking advantage of the full potential of the internet. What does that really mean, can we quantify that statement? Lets look at the idea of inbound links from quality websites. Big sites with a high PageRank and thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors a month. Do-follow deep links from relevant on-topic pages using the right anchor text and everything else! Well we know the value of those links ourselves, right? But how much would such links cost us?

The big themes that emerged from my reading weren’t too surprising. Among the most common were:

  • Knowing that I’m going to get caught, how do I automate my efforts so that I can repeat them as often as necessary while keeping my ROI positive?
  • What tactics can I use (deceptive or otherwise) to obtain rankings in Google? (On a related note, not one post mentioned Bing or Yahoo.)

Common problems reported in the forum included being banned from AdSense, AdWords, and Facebook. Although failures are more likely to be reported than successes, the number of posts does suggest that Google and Facebook are actively banning users. On the “shaking my head in disbelief” front, there were stories from those that had put their savings into efforts that failed, such as the guy that mortgaged his motorcycle and then couldn’t make the payments. There were also ridiculous posts like the guy that needed to remove thousands of automated back links because of being banned by Google or the guy asking for a $5,000 investment so he could try out an idea he had.

Curiously, there was very little being discussed around on-page SEO. In fact, a couple of threads clearly stated the opinion that in the black hat world (as defined by this forum’s participants), it’s all about links with on-site techniques having next to no value. I’m not sure if this means that these posters have given up on cloaking or just don’t know how to use it effectively.

This leaves us with off-site SEO (i.e., link development). In this area, the most common tactics included link wheels, link pyramids, web 2.0 links, along with the ever-popular forum and blog comment spam. No one had any illusions about the risks of such techniques, but most felt that such risks could be mitigated by linking to middle tiers, which in turn would link to their money sites.

While I’m not surprised to have read it, there were many posts about buying tweets, “likes,” Google +1′s, and Yelp reviews. Sellers of these services always assured buyers that there were real people behind the accounts and none of it was automated. Right.

What Can We Learn From Black Hat SEO Forums?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this column, I did actually pick up some tips from reading the thousands of threads. Part of that learning was a reminder of all of the sneaky tricks that competitors (i.e., those ranking above the sites I work on) might be employing.

Most of the rest of what I learned fell into the tactical bucket rather than being big strategies that could be applied to legitimate brands. In my opinion, that’s perfectly fine. I think a lot of people fail to execute their strategies because of a lack of a solid arsenal of tactics – it’s one thing to say you need links and an entirely different thing to actually get them.

The approach I used during my evaluation of the value of each forum thread was to keep two things in mind:

  • When it came to tools and services, I let popularity be my filter. The more popular a tool, the more flexible and feature-rich it’s likely to be. There was some danger here in overlooking something unique and less well known, so I tried to be careful about not dismissing a tool or service unless it appeared to just be a weaker version of another tool.
  • Black hat tactics are often just white hat tactics taken to the extreme. If I can identify the core white tactic, then I should keep it for future use.

On the tool front, I’ve added a few selections to my list of things to investigate. I’m going to avoid mentioning them by name here lest anyone accuse me of promoting web spam, but you could easily read far fewer posts than I did and get the same list due to the frequency of their mentions. Also, an aspiring SEO with a strong development background could make a fortune in tool development – just identify a tedious task that people think is useful and then sell them a tool that does it faster than any existing tool. The forum itself could act as a focus group, as there are plenty of complaints about current tools and people expressing their feature wish lists.

On the link building front, I was able to make note of a bunch of sites where a link opportunity exists. However, rather than spamming them, I plan to contribute useful information and earn my link. In addition, I won’t bother with any sites that are obviously not moderated and therefore overrun with spam. In this way, I hope to eliminate any association with bad link neighborhoods.

I also witnessed a real example of how the effectiveness of some tactics is eliminated by abuse. For example, a post revealed how back links could be obtained from Tumblr blogs and then not too long afterwards the issue was written about on TechCrunch. I then manually verified that the hole had indeed been plugged.

And finally, I expanded my list of sites to perform competitive analysis on. My hope here is that by looking at what is actually driving site performance, I’ll get better insight compared to relying on what the site owners are saying they’re doing. My analysis will also include a time element in that I will compare a site’s performance now to its performance many months from now as a gauge of long-term value of the tactics employed.

What I Don’t Know

In closing, I wanted to point out that everything I read was on a public forum and the effectiveness of publicly shared knowledge can be quickly eliminated by the masses. I’m certain that there are well-guarded techniques that weren’t discussed, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll have to do something other than lurking in public forums.

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