Actual usage of Allinanchor Command? What are the benefits ?

Actual usage of Allinanchor Command?

Allinanchor search command was used on google as an SEO tool about 3 years ago. It only shows the results according to the links instead of the content factor. 3 years ago a regular search is used and then apply the Allinanchor search command to identify the issues of website ranking is not going higher because of the less anchor text links or may be the wrong keywords in the content.

Unluckily the command stop working around February 2006, and google had disabled the command because there was no use of this. But Allinanchor searches on google still gives the results but it was just the links not the contents.

The reason behind the failure of Allinanchor search command was the change in the algorithm, and the factor on page are being as important as they used to be and people get a lot of links via this command.

Then where you can use the Allinanchor command?

The Allinanchor command is actually a Google Sandbox detection tool. To get the rough estimate of sandbox site ranking according to the links, you can use the Allinanchor command. For example you have developed a site and currently it is not ranking nowhere in the 1st few hundred results even it has lots of links with the anchor text. Now what you can do is put the Allinanchor search n google UK and you can see the site coming up between 1st to 10th pages.

allinanchor command

The site position is roughly where the site would be ranking according to the links the site contains if it was not in the sandbox. With the little effort and proper testing you can make a very good Google sandbox detection toll using the Allinanchor command.

ALLINANCHOR Command in Google search Engine

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